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Caedite eos

You are a crusader.

Your unit was sent to liberate an obscure religious temple, fogged by rumor and superstition.

A Saracen ambush leaves you as the only survivor, and the temple's gates lie open before your eyes.

Alone, you will not be able to fight the Mohammedan menace that gathers in the distance, hot on your trail.

But by the glory of God, today this temple will be claimed in His Name.

  • An action roguelite where you and your enemies are fixed to a grid.
  • Each enemy type has his own unique attack pattern. Learn them to survive!
  • Your heavy equipment means you must watch your stamina and cooldown meters- Don't expect to survive by hacking and slashing wildly.
  • Grow stronger as you venture deeper into the temple, via artifacts and powerups.

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